A revolutionary tool

Classical music has such a   positive impact  on children from the earliest age in terms of 

  • cognitive faculties

  • concentration

  • memorisation skills

  • spatial reasoning             

  • language skills

Music is a lifetime gift



Every 3 months, discover

A tailor-made show of the greatest Operas exclusively produced, shortened and illustrated for your children

AND four complementary learning activities: 

  • Singing lessons 

  • Fun facts - interactive videos introducing all the instruments and the different voice types 

  • Discovery playlist for additional listening 

  • Interviews of acclaimed performers



Designed for ages 4-9, every 3 months a new programme will immerse your children in the magical world of Opera!

Our programmes include 1 tailor-made Mini Opera and

 4 complementary activities


Mini opera: A tailor-made opera

Digitally animated and shortened performances of the greatest Operas.

Sung in original language and narrated in English, with a duration of about 17 minutes.


We feature a new opera for every programme!


Discover our programmes here and preview the content for each Part! 



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Sonia Ben-Santamaria

"One of the UK's most sought after up-and-coming opera conductors" Sonia is the first and remains the only female conductor to have joined the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden Jette Parkers and Opera North as their first ever conductor assistant associate. Read more about Sonia here.


Claire Bretaudeau

graduated with a Master degree in Finance from La Sorbonne University, Paris which led her into a career in business and project development. Claire studied both the piano and the cello from a young age and is passionate about sharing her love for classical music and opera with her two children.

All our artists and creatives have been drawn from the finest opera houses and orchestras



Our name pays homage to Leonard Bernstein, one of the greatest composers of the 20th century. Bernstein famously gave us West Side Story and remains a pioneer of inspiring a love of music in young people. 

Through his televised ‘Young People’s Concerts’, this remarkable composer, nicknamed the Citizen Artist, was able to make classical music accessible to all. From 1958-1972, his productions were regularly broadcast to the living rooms of all Americans, of all ages and from all walks of life.


"...Citizen Artists Kids is a happy demonstration of this deep and meaningful connection to my father's legacy..."

Jamie Bernstein